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I started this page to provide a simple service and my only tool is music. So if you're in the mood to party with some rock stars, I can get it done. The lights, the sound, the whole shebang. If you're in the mood for a ritzy night out and want to stop by an old saloon playing the hits with a couple of pianos, I'm the call. Maybe walking down the aisle to your special song played by a live musician would make all the difference in the world. Or create a majestic send-off to a great loved one with all of their favorite songs and melodies, lovingly curated by you. 


I am fortunate enough to work with real professionals in the field and owe a very large part of that success to my music teachers as I was growing up. Currently I am sharing my time with a brand new all-go don't-stop five piece original dance band called The Daytime Highs. Look for us at stadiums soon! For now we're at any large group of outdoor dancing venues.


Another project, this time where I hang my bass, is a four piece called either the Jeremy Kneeshaw Band or Soundbath. We haven't quite decided. It's a soulful look into rock and roll with some great blues locked in as well. 


theJamPresents dueling pianos act is a fun party with all the possible sing-a-long tunes you could want. You basically call the shots. Garth Brooks to the YMCA. The Mammas and the Pappas to ABBA and even more surprises. Jokes and gags and even live karaoke. A must for family reunions or backyard BBQs.


As a multi-instrumentalist I can easily bring the little details of your special event out to shine. From a classically trained pianist at your 6-course dinner with pairings or having a random wandering minstrel and his guitar show up at your buddy's pub crawl.


If you're looking for live music or DJ entertainment for your special event, I'm at your service. 





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